Friday, 29 May 2009

A Quick One Just to Say I'm Still Around

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all well. Sorry I've not been in blog land for a couple of weeks but as usual life just took over! I've been busy with my final pieces and assignments for my part time degree but I'm pleased to say all work has been submitted and I now have 12 weeks off! Hooray!!!!!!! I have also been decorating our bedroom, making curtains and giving our very old tired pine furniture a new lease of life with that shabby chic look. Once finished I'll give you a peak.

I wanted to share this with you. A few weeks back a parcel arrived on our doorstep. I love unexpected parcels, don't you?

And inside was a gift made by my little special Mr F. A very close friends little boy who is just sooooo cute.

I must say she arrived a little squashed but with a little gentle manipulation she soon took shape. I seem to be the only person in the world that has never had the pleasures of owning a grass head dolly and I was a little unsure what to do with her. So after a text to my friend she informed me just to pop her in a small container and water her. So I did!!!!!! And Look.

She started to grow. I couldn't keep on calling her, 'she' so I asked the special man to name her and being the clever guy that he is she is now know as LAWNA! Get it! Grass, lawn. Tee Hee.

Her back view is a little sparse but still growing. Tee Hee.

And look one week later.

LAWNA is growing well..........

And not to be smug but look! Sorry about the quality of the photo but I hope you can get the idea. I must confess to giving her a trim because she was going a little wayward. Tee Hee. In all directions.

Although she is still a little challenged on top. I love her and she's extra special because she was made just for me, with earrings. Thank you very much little Mr F for my lovely present. Lets hope we can get her with a complete full head of grass over the next few weeks, watch this space.
Hope you enjoyed being introduced to LAWNA. I'll keep you updated on her green flowing locks.
Will Post Again Soon.
Have A Great Weekend
Enjoy The Weather.
And Don't Forget The Sun Cream


maggi said...

Lawna is lovely. Glad you now have plenty of time off without the pressures of degree work. Maggi

Indigo Blue said...

That is very cute!!

MarmaladeRose said...

Your just a big kid really aren't you! x