Monday, 15 June 2009

Mums Memory Book.

Hi Everyone! I should be finishing off making the curtains for our newly decorated bedroom but its been soooooo long since I have done any blogging I thought I would put them to one side and do a little post.

I have a dear friend that is a wonderful card maker and scrap booker (if that's the right word, tee hee) and about a year ago she gave me the inspiration to start a scrap book for my mum. Well I like to look at it as a book of my mums life that she can develop with me.

I'm sure in every household across the counties there is a box, drawer, full of family photographs and I must confess to having such a box that's bulging at the sides. My last few years of photos have been stored on disc and although I love to sit at our computer and browse through them its not quite as satisfying and fun as browsing through a pile of old family black and whites.

So wondering what to do with all these fabulous pics that where getting bent and damaged I started mums memory book. And here are the first few pages. Not in any particular order.

The decorative paper was a gift from my friend and just happened to be the same colour as the silk blouse my mum got married in. Perfect for my first page. I made an envelope for the page and tucked into it are my parents marriage lines. The text that I have put to the page is a section of the marriage vows that they said to each other. Had my dad still been alive today they would have been married 54 years.

I love this photo, an everyday occurrence my mum making a cup of tea. We still have parts of this tea service it is white porcelain with a beautiful swirl gold pattern. Although I love the wonderful papers you can purchase to make scrap books I wanted to make my mums memory book a little more personal from me so with that in mind I made little teapot templates and then decorated them using mark making techniques with inks. I used a Doyle imprint to create the design around the frame of the photograph using a sponge and diluted Procion dye. The tag that is slid into the Doyle on the left of the page is an open invitation to tea and a sticky bun at our house any time.

This is me and my mum. I love the wallpaper in the back ground of this photo. I used my water colours to paint all the little flowers on the prams and around the frame that holds the photo. In the centre is a little card I purchased from one of our local gift shops, this gave me the inspiration for the colour scheme. I have made a promise to myself to get at least another three pages completed this summer. I did so enjoy creating these three, its just with my uni' work, taking care for my special man and general household chores they isn't a great deal more time for my little personal projects. I think we should extend the hours in the day and the days in the week. There should be a compulsory set amount of hours allotted to be nothing but creative! Still I guess it makes it all the more precious when you do get those special times to yourself to have fun.

I'm afraid my camera is poorly at the mo' not sure whats wrong with it so my future postings will be of passed projects until I get it better again. If that's an option and its not too poorly that it needs to be totally replaced!!
Enjoy your week!
Take Care.


Mary said...

what a wonderful book! I love looking at all the old photos from my family as well. I wish I could talk to all those people from long ago...hear their stories.

maggi said...

What a lovely way to display your memories, so much more personal than just looking at them on the computer.

Gingerbread said...

This looks fabulous I like the colours you have used. Julie.C

ruthie said...

I love your book, just beautiful. I made a memory book for my dads 70th last year & am working on one for mom , i so enjoyed making them & learnt so much more about my folks too!

lou said...

I love what you have done; I must do something with my pictures.

Have a lovely week-love Lou xxx