Wednesday, 1 July 2009

So This Is What I've Been Upto!!

Well in the month of May I decided to show you where and what my feet had been up to during that month and to feature my feet on my blog each month from then on. So here goes, I'm afraid my feet during the month of June haven't been to any exotic and exciting places, but they have been busy!

Here they are early June in my wonderful hand knitted slippers that my mum made me. I love them, they are soooooo comfortable and warm. They are standing on some very bare stripped bedroom floor boards.

And here is a very bare bedroom removed of all pretties and furniture, ready for decorating.
Its been a little while since out bedroom has had a makeover and on discussions with my special man we decided on a colour scheme of black, white and silver. I didn't want the room to be too girlie because my special man has to spend the same time in it as I do. So these three colours seem to get a balance of both feminine and masculine! Well have a look anyway see what you think.
These are the new cushions I made, we use them to prop ourselves up so we can have that relaxing read ever night before we drift off to sleep. (not very long in my case, head, hits, pillow and sleep springs to mind).

All our furniture in the house is pine. However as you can see, being on a tight budget we couldn't afford to buy new so I gave our shabby, tatty, scratched pine a shabby chic white look instead. This is HIS (Mr Special Mans bedside drawers). Oh, and check out those bargain photo frames, £2.59 each just got to sort out the pic's to go in them now.

And this is HERS! Tee Hee, my bedside drawers and mirror.

Again this is HIS side (although my collection of costume jewellery has sneaked its way in a little).

And this is HERS side!!! (with a little more costume jewellery sneaking in, Tee Hee!)

And this is the shared wardrobe in between. As you can imagine all this furniture took some shabby chic distressing. I sanded all the pine down first, then washed it down with a cloth and sanded the bits that I'd missed, because I always miss a bit! Tee Hee! I then put an undercoat on and then two topcoats of the final acrylic water base paint. I then scraped and sanded off areas that I thought would get general damage with wear and tear to give it that lived in look. Ooooooo, I also made our curtains and bed throw too. So thats the tour of our newly decorated bedroom. Now because I moved our mirror from the hall to the bedroom I went in search of a new one for the hall and check out this......

Our new 'Art Deco' mirror found in a local charity shop and for the bargain price of £5. I love it, what a find!!!

And on the same day I found the mirror I bought these wonderful 'Sweet Williams' for the hall for the special price of £1.60 from our local green grocers. The colours are so pretty and go perfect in our hall.

Whilst I had the bug and had moved this mirror from the hall to our bedroom it left the hall with a gap on the wall to fill......

So the new mirror went on this side of the hall......

And yes you've guessed it, I shuffled and gave some more of our old pine furniture that shabby chic white makeover. I just need to make some nice textile pieces to put on the shelves now.

Oh and just to share with you my charity shop bargain deal again, I did I say it was just £5. Tee Hee.

Hope your having a good week.

Enjoy the rest of the sunny weather, don't forget to cream that skin up.

Take care.



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Mary said...

I love it! When you first said black, white, and silver I thought hmmm, really? But I.Love.It! and WOW! that was a lot of work for you but it turned out beautifully.

Julie said...

YOur room looks beautiful and very professionally done. I'm exhausted just reading about all the work it took but it was obviously a labour of love.

ruthie said...

wow, i love your new look, all it takes is imagination & a pair of very creative hands. beautiful, i am inspired to go and re-look at our bedroom for i just do not know what to do with it, a in the eves tiny space. love the mirror too - cant beat a fab charity shop find!! enjoy your lovely new room.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your bedroom make over! The colour scheme works so well - it is always challenging to find something that both partners will like. Love how you painted the furniture - makes it look so fresh.