Thursday, 2 July 2009

We Took Advantage Of The Good Weather!

We've created a small wildlife pond. Mr S gets great pleasure from the little bits of wildlife that visit our garden, so to increase these visits and hopefully attract more he requested a small wildlife pond. So we set to ...........

I have to say that with NO GREAT PLANNING, we assembled the workforce, my special niece No 2 and her boyfriend Andy (an about to sneeze look Andy).

We dug out a hole. (well Andy did!!) We lined it with carpet, an old piece I had from our old summer house. Never throw anything away!!!!!!!

We covered that with a lining sheet.

And using water from our water barrels we filled it. It did take some time so as you can see my special niece had a sit down. So we all had a break to soak up the sun (sun cream provided) and hadsome lunch, a homemade quiche, salad and CHIPS, ANDY!!! (which I must say they have both successfully made at home since).

Once lunch had been digested we carried on and created this! Using some old york stone

(I think) slabs that I got from my special mans mum because she was throwing them away about 5 years back. Never throw anything away!!! Tee Hee.

Pebble's where taken from an old pebble pond and we ended up with this!! Not perfect and still a bit of work to do but looking good so far! And I must say it's already attracting many, many birds to the garden.

I thought these where nice to share too, just some pics of the garden grasses and ferns that have already established themselves in other areas of our garden.

I will recommend for this project that you have a very helpful willing niece and an 'Andy', that is definitely well organised at the drop of a hat. It was so nice, can I say sooooo very nice to have someone else help with one of those little projects that the mind is always willing to tackle but occasionally the body isn't! I'm sure you know what I mean. I'm so lucky to have such young fit nieces with strapping strong partners.

PS. Can I also thank niece No3 for the loan of her digital camera to take these snap shots. Mine is still broken. Oh dear!

Talk Soon.
Have A Good Week.


Mary said...

It looks great! They are killer to put in! Mark needed back surgery after he put ours in. Not fun. We have lost a lot of fish to the heron that now cruise the backyard in search of the open free buffet. We have a small fountain in ours and I like the sound of the water (it also keeps the mosquitos from setting up house). I'm sure you will enjoy yours too.

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Lesley

Thanks so much for my lovely welcome back!

The pond looks great, well done you. I love what you did with your bedroom too, it looks very chic!

Mel xxx

PS my word verification is duckci, sort of appropriate for a pond post ;)

JuliaB said...

Wow that looks great! You have been really busy!! x