Thursday, 16 July 2009

Whats New On The Dresser This Month?

Empty jar, purchased from our local supermarket (you'll have one in your area) for just £1.00.
I could fill it with lovely jams, chutneys or pickles but no I went for the easy quick option.....


With a little bit of detail by means of a ribbon tied in a bow.

Mini marshmallows too!!!!!!! Yummy especially on your hot chocolate, even through the summer months. Tee Hee.

And this is what they are sneakily placed between.

This is a little wooden book mark in the shape of traditional Malaysian dress, it was a present from my sister but its just too nice to use as a book mark so it sits nicely on our dresser.

My charity shop purchase of the week. Yer!!!!!! This pretty glass cake stand for the grand total of a whole £1.00.

Just got to fill it with delicious cakes now. 'Mmmmmm'.
Have a good weekend.


Mary said...

Hey Leslie! Did you not realize that you won my giveaway? - you need to email me your address so I can send the oil pastels to you. I'm leaving on vacation today so I wont be able to mail them until July 27.

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Lesley

Wow, a pound for that gorgeous cake stand- bargain!!!!! Love the jar of sweets, they wouldn't last long with me around ;)

Mel xxx

MarmaladeRose said...

Fab cake plate, it certainly needs something nice and sweet sitting on top of it. The freshly decorated bedroom looks great and must have taken you ages. You've worked so hard.

ruthie said...

i love the cake stand, i have been scouring the local charity shops for one! and what a fab job you made of your pond, there is something quite lovely about having a pond in the garden, all that wildlife! enjoy x

Indigo Blue said...

Thanks for your kind comments about my crochet scarf. I am about to start another crochet project, got the wool so far. I also have a SEED sketchbook to try and finish by January. Having trouble settling down to it though. How is your course going?

lou said...

Fab cake stand! The jars of sweets look very pretty! Not as they would last long in there with me around.

Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx

Mary said...

Hi Leslie. I wanted to say Happy New Year. I hope all is well. Mary